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Ado child updating

If there are no records, the BOF and EOF property are True.

All distributed applications must be scalable to some extent.

No error occurs, because the update has been applied successfully.

ADO, compared to the BDE, has taken a more practical approach to the problem.

The ADO Recordset object is used to hold a set of records from a database table.

A Recordset object consist of records and columns (fields).

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by Mike Gunderloy 05/27/2003 If you have a background in database work, you have undoubtedly run into the rules of normalization. Fill(ds Main, "Order Details"); // Relate tables ds Main. // Add a calculated column to the order details ds Main. In this particular case, the column values are calculated by using other columns in the same Data Table together with standard mathematical functions. It refers to the child Data Table related to the current Data Table.

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