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Sedating medication

Short-acting (eg, triazolam) and intermediate-acting (eg, estazolam, temazepam) benzodiazepine receptor agonists are useful for sleep-onset insomnia.

These agents have been the hypnotics of choice for many years because of their relative safety compared with the barbiturates, as well as their low cost.

When patients present to the emergency department (ED), treating the pain and anxiety that accompany the chief complaint are critical to patient satisfaction and quality of care.Despite this fact, there are many CNS depressants on the list of commonly abused illicit or prescription drugs.When a person uses a CNS depressant, they do not feel as anxious and they are more able to sleep.Prescription drugs that can cause dependency are subject to restrictions dictated by United States government regulations.All prescription drugs regulated under the Controlled Substances Act are assigned a schedule or class number that determines how they may be prescribed: Antianxiety drugs and sedatives decrease alertness and can result in slurred speech, poor coordination, confusion, and slowed breathing.

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