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To view and set the path in the Windows command line, use the path command.If you need to create a new environment variable, click New and enter the Variable name and Variable value.And because any programs you run from a bash prompt are called by bash, the new path is in force for anything you run from the bash prompt.The bottom line is that to add a new directory to the path, you must append or prepend the directory to the $PATH environment variable within a script included in the shell, and you must export the I can't speak for other distributions, but Ubuntu has a file, /etc/environment, that is the default search path for all users.Say you have a production server which hosts a variety of apps and a new app needs a particular Environment variable to run. After the changes are saved, Explorer broadcasts a message to all windows to inform them of the change.

To make it effective all the way down the call chain, you must follow the setting of the environment variable with an export command.You can specify a set of directories where executable programs are located using $PATH.The $PATH variable is specified as a list of directory names separated by colon (:) characters.at the end (to be searched after all other directories, in case there is a program by the same name in multiple directories) or at the beginning (to be searched before all other directories). gets built in a by many different components, you might end up with duplicate entries.See How to add home directory path to be discovered by Unix which command?

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As an example, the bash shell program incorporates the contents of file .bash_profile by inclusion.

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