Globe and mail dating violence

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Comment: Anthony Daniels, a retired prison doctor and psychiatrist who has worked in some of the hardest-hit areas on the planet, said the British were now in great fear of their own arrogant, knife-wielding children He said: 'Recently in Manchester, I woke at 1 on a Wednesday morning in my hotel to hear drunken screaming and shouting down below on one of the city's main streets, the sound of which continued until 4.30.'Lo and behold, when I left the hotel at 8 in the morning, I discovered that a man had been savagely beaten nearly to death at about 2 am and was still in a coma - but the drunken revelling had continued nonetheless, uninterrupted by the police.

operations of this type are, apparently, perpetrated by private investigators and vigilantes – including many former agents and cops, some of whom are members of the quasi-governmental Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Units (LEIU), sometimes on behalf of corporate clients and others with connections to the public and private elements of America’s security industry.

Yesterday's news: Spanish newspaper El País (left) and Austrian newspaper Voralberger Nachrichten (right) both published in-depth coverage of the riots on Tuesday, and continued with more coverage today In Mauritius, Francophone newspaper Le Mauricien published an image of riot squad officers in front of a blazing building, with the headline, 'Fourth day of riots marked by a death, the cancellation of the England-Holland match, and PM David softening his tone.' And in Zambia, the Post newspaper reported 'riots, looting and arson by masked, hooded youths' who 'smashed glass, bricks, bottles and gutted buildings'.

A burning skeleton of a shop demonstrated the anarchy.

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The author said Britain's young had a 'sense of entitlement' and were unwilling to change their ways for anyone else - with the only difference between the rich and the poor being that the former had the money to buy what they wanted, whereas the poor had to 'wheedle, cajole, swindle and steal it'.

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