Deepika padukone dating siddharth mallya 2016

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We see each other here and there and that's it." (Also Read: Siddharth Mallya Joins Acting School for Bollywood Debut) Siddharth is all set to make his debut in Qaushiq Mukherjee's film Brahman Naman.

He also revealed that he is in a relationship at the moment. But I am not going to give names because if I start doing that, then it won't be fair on the girl's part," added Siddharth.

The shocked actress poured her diet coke into Mallya’s glass of Kingfisher beer and left in a huff, revealed witnesses. “First he insisted we travel by auto instead of the Merc.

Then when I asked him for a dress, he took me to a low end bazaar with an end-of-season sale offer and bargained like crazy for the one top he finally bought; I was so embarrassed!

Popular make-up artist Daniel Bauer truly deserves a bow for his excellent eye-makeup that gave her a sexy yet powerful look.

Some of the decisions that she made in life brought her to where she is today.

Deepika Padukone Images is very cute picture available currently.

Her graceful look and appreciable acting skills won her several debutant awards and best actress nominations. He was followed by Ranbir Kapoor whom she dated from 2007-2008.

Media watch love life of cute Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone really closely.

But there was no boyfriend spotted next to Deepika in 2013 and neither in 2014 so far.

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They broke up in 2009 and Ranbir later admitted, that he cheated on her. Young model and actor from London, with Indian ancestry. But that was apparently only platonic relationship.

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